Author's Notes - 12-21-2016

   Hello, again!

   This week's short is the second part of a three part novelette, titled "The Heart's Filthy Lesson", which details an important relationship in the early life of then-aspiring detective Reggie Harper!

   Part two chronicles a mounting issue with a fellow student which causes friction in all aspects of Reggie's life. A beastly friction he fights hard against in an effort not to rock the boat. A friction that it goes against his very nature to fight.

   Will Reggie be able to keep a lid on it, or does nature truly always win? Find out in part two of "The Heart's Filthy Lesson" Friday at midnight (EST)!

   And be sure to keep your eyes peeled and check back at next Friday for the conclusion!

   -Dan Burley

P.S. - "Bully For You" cover art reveal coming Sunday!