"Bully For You" Cover Art Reveal

      Hello, internet! Happy Holidays (specifically "Merry Christmas!", given the date)!

      I am incredibly happy to be able to be able to share with you the cover art for my fast-approaching novel "Bully For You"! I posted a version of this Monday for Harper Helpers, and now I share it with everyone!

      So, here it is in all its glory (background information below):

                                                    *CLICK TO ENLARGE*

                                                    *CLICK TO ENLARGE*

      The illustration was done by my exceptionally good friend Deric Phillips, whom I have known since going to our mutual friend Eric's senior art show back in May of 2004. Over time, even though we don't get to hang out in person all that often, I've come to think of him as family. He's a really great guy above all else, but also happens to be an incredibly skilled artist to boot! You can check out some of his stuff on his deviantART page, and you absolutely should.

      A word of warning, some of it definitely falls into the 'NSFW' category, so it might not be the best idea to peruse his gallery while working. Unless, of course, you're your own boss, in which case go to fucking town!

      Anyway, Deric and his wife Megan were among the first people to know I was writing this stuff, and were the first people outside of my immediate family I shared the prologue with while the project was still in its infancy. They got to read what I refer to as the 'textual diarrhea' draft, which I normally keep to myself. I was just so sure of what I had, I needed to share it with people I cared about (whom I could also trust to keep it secret).

      Once I had the plot to the book completely hammered out, I knew immediately what I wanted the cover to be. Well, I had two options I was wrestling with, but one of them might lead people to believe "Bully For You" to be an entirely different type of book than it is. It's not the kind of thing I could've gotten away with on a first book, but it's definitely something I'll have in mind for the future.

      Before Deric got involved, I planned on doing the cover art myself. I had already done sketches of all the main characters for visual reference, and even made a tiny thumbnail concept sketch of what I had in mind (I'll share the thumbnail sketch for the other idea after the book's been out for a while):

      Yes, it's a bad drawing, but as I said, it's tiny:

                                                This is in inches, by the way!

                                                This is in inches, by the way!

      Initially, I had a notion to see if Deric would be interested in doing something like that before I ever got so far as to sketch it, but I ultimately nixed the idea on account of him having a young child, a job, and creative endeavors of his own to worry about. However, when I shared the prologue with him, he nearly instantly offered to do the cover for the book when and if I finished it. No way in hell could I just say 'no' to that!

      The end result is, of course, way better than anything I could've come up with on my own! I'm a serviceable enough artist myself, but there are leagues between my skill and Deric's. He's a pro, I just do it for fun. My hope, of course, is to have him do the covers for the entire series if he so desires. That way there is a narrative cohesion to the covers matching that found in the prose.

      But I'm getting ahead of myself! There will be plenty of time to talk about all that other stuff later. That amazing illustration at the top is the reason for this post, after all! I've long admired Deric's artwork and his unique style, so I'm absolutely thrilled to have him do something like this for me! I hope all who see this enjoy it! There's more stuff on the way in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled in the new year!

      Barring any last minute snags and/or hitches, "Bully For You" should be out before the end of January, so please continue to spread the word! No-one succeeds alone, after all. Following the release of "Bully For You", there will be another batch of short stories released beginning around March/April.

      This is only the beginning! Thanks for your time and your efforts!

      -Dan Burley

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      3.) Buying “Bully For You” upon release and finding the password within.

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