Author's Notes - 12-28-2016

   Hello, again!

   2016 is almost at its end, and 2017's peeking around every corner to make sure 2016 doesn't kill it before it arrives. Tensions are high, but nothing can stop the clock. Time will always keep rolling along. No matter how hard 2016 thrashes and fights, it will end. Soon.

   Anyway, this week's short is the third and final part of the novelette titled "The Heart's Filthy Lesson", which details an important relationship in the early life of then-aspiring detective Reggie Harper, star of my fast-approaching novel "Bully For You"!

   Part three follows nineteen-year-old Reggie during a particularly strained time in his second year of college. Certain pressures are building to a likely painful impact that could threaten far more than just his relationship with Maryanne Hillard.

   What will this mean for Reggie and Maryanne? Find out in the finale of "The Heart's Filthy Lesson" Friday at midnight (EST)!

   And be sure to keep your eyes peeled and check back at next Friday for the beginning of something new - a short titled "Sense of Doubt" that will give a hint at the timeline and setting of "Bully For You" as well as the type of man Reggie Harper has become.

   -Dan Burley