Author's Notes - 12-31-2016

Hello, and Happy New Year!

      In just a few hours, 2017 will be here to take 2016 out with all the swiftness of '80s Steven Seagal against an entire city of drug pushers. All the limbs will be broken, mountains of cars will be crashed into one another, things will explode, windows will be ruthlessly shattered, and 2016 will be taken to the blood bank once and for all so we can move on with our lives.

      The coming week sees the release of a three-part mini-mystery titled “Sense of Doubt”, which brings Reggie Harper into present day and gives a small glimpse into the man he has become and the life he leads. This release will be staggered a little differently than the others, as its essentially one chapter long, but split into three parts. Part one will hit Monday, part two on Wednesday, and part three on Friday, all at midnight (EST) as they have been thus far!

      “Sense of Doubt” is the final lead in short to “Bully For You”, which will be coming out early in 2017. I hope you enjoy it! Things will be a bit quieter here between the release of this short and “Bully For You”, but this is only the beginning. I will be releasing three books in 2017, after all.

      The first of which, of course, will be “Bully For You”. The other two, I will talk about in a little more detail in due time (they are not the other books mentioned in the "Harper Mysteries" section of the site). Gotta walk before you can run!

      The weekly shorts will resume sometime after “Bully For You” is out, likely in March/April. So, as always, keep your eyes peeled and feel free to comment below!

      Have a good one, and don't party too hard!

      -Dan Burley