'a HARPER collection: Volume One' - UPDATES

Hello, everyone!

      As you may or may not know, I initially revealed "a HARPER collection: Volume One" with a cover made of super-early character sketch work, but that I replaced it upon release with a fully-illustrated cover. In the months since release, I have been doing a lot of character art for other book covers and for the character section of the site. In doing so, I have refined my designs to the point where the characters will pretty much always be on model to the way I draw them now. I went through and made scads of sketches, featuring different facial expressions and angles, body poses, and the like, and settled into a groove and a style that I first introduced with the revamped cover to "Bully For You". This style of artwork will carry on through the rest of the series.

      As such, I have yet again updated the cover art for "Volume One" - once and for all.


      To accompany this new cover art, I have also further tightened the text and formatting in the book itself. Changes are minuscule, of course, but they are there, and I thought it should be noted publicly. I've also updated the book previews in the back to the latest drafts of "Teenage Female" and "God Bless The Girl". I had hoped to have the changes ready in time for the free day I had to celebrate the release of "Teenage Female", but I only had enough time to finish the refining of "Bully For You", as it was a much larger task than I anticipated.

      Anyway, this new version of "Volume One" is available right now on Kindle (print forthcoming), so if you haven't grabbed it yet, there's never been a better time to do so! As for me, it's back to work! "God Bless The Girl" is nearing 100% completion, "Among The Dirt and Bones" is almost ready for the first string of beta readers, and the next character profile is on track for its November reveal... meaning I have a lot to do!

      As always, thank you for reading!
      -Dan Burley