Future Book Updates

Hello, fellow internet dwellers!

     I’m writing this at the end of my Tuesday (it’s actually 3: in the morning Wednesday), and I’ve been writing nearly non-stop since around 11 in the morning. If I’m going to sit down and write, I demand six pages of myself no matter what. I’ll accept more if they come, but six is a nice, even number, and one that keeps the words flowing quite nicely.

     Today, I got 16 out. 4,217 words. I say that’s a pretty damn good day. I did, however, have to make up for being without power most of my workday Sunday and about half of Monday. So I’m not quite as far ahead as I’d like to be, but I am still slightly ahead, so I won’t complain.

     Today’s pages brought me 12 chapters and over 200 pages into “Among The Dirt and Bones”, the true blue sequel to “Bully For You” that I’ve been threatening since the tease in the back of the latter book. I’ve just about covered half of the plot I’ve got laid out, but there’s still no real telling how long the book will wind up being. I only spend as long on each plot point as I need to, and I theoretically could knock the rest of them out in another few chapters, but that isn’t likely.

     That’s not how a slow burn works.

     I’m fully expecting it to be right around the same length as “Bully For You”. My plot list and boards are technically longer/more broad than “Bully...”, but again, it’s entirely possible I could cover everything in less page time. That said, I’m still well on track to hit my projected release early next year, so I’m pretty fucking happy.

     I’m also nearly done with my second edit of my next release, “Teenage Female”, which will be coming in the fall (and will have a preview of“Among The Dirt...” included). I’ll likely be reaching out for beta readers for that in the next couple of months, should I be able to keep my schedule flowing right. I can’t wait to reveal the cover art, but I’m still a bit away from that (it still needs a little bit of tweaking).

     Then there’s that last book for the year, “God Bless The Girl”, which will be coming just a couple of months after “Teenage Female” and likely a couple before “Among The Dirt and Bones”. I was able to get a nice chunk of editing for that one done on my kindle while the power was out, so it’s actually a good bit further along than it should be.

     I also have some other, website-centric stuff I’m plugging away at as well. Some of it may see the light of day either before “Teenage Female” or between it and “God Bless The Girl”. We shall see.

     So that’s that. Basically, everything’s still moving, I’m still breathing, and so are you (probably), so I’m going to take the day as a win before someone else claims it. For now, I need to get a shower and veg out until I pass out.

     Catch the whole lotta ya’ later!
     -Dan Burley