"Bully For You" - Anniversary Sale

Good news, everyone!

    I can't believe it, but today marks one full year since the release of "Bully For You"! To celebrate, I've made this new video (and, more importantly, set up a special sale)! Check it out, then meet me below!

    Now the good stuff; If you buy "Bully For You" on Smashwords and apply the coupon code LC55Z at checkout, you'll get the book (all 500 pages) for just $1! That's a whole 75% off cover price! The catch, of course, is that the offer is only available now through April 13th, at which time it will go back to full price. So, go grab it now, spread the word, and enjoy!

    And don't forget to pre-order the sequel, "Among The Dirt and Bones", coming April 30th!

    I'll see you soon, fellow humans.
    -Dan Burley