'Among The Dirt and Bones' - Available April 30th, 2018!

Hello, everyone! Long time, no see.

   As you probably picked up from the title here, 'Among The Dirt and Bones' (volume two of the 'HARPER mysteries') will finally be available on April 30th! In it, Reggie and Elizabeth Harper set out to get to the bottom of the murder of an old, family friend named Robyn Ackerman, while Reggie and the Seattle Police Department begin a joint investigation into a series of bizarre, brutal murders. Is Robyn's death linked to these killings, or just another random incident?

    Check out the quick video below, and pre-order "Among The Dirt and Bones" to find out. And don't forget to read the prequel novella "Teenage Female", available now!

    As for me, I've got a skosh more editing to do before it's 100% ready to go, so I've gotta run! I'll see you in April!
    - Dan Burley