'a HARPER chronology' - Launching August 29th!


I've made brief mention of the impending "HARPER chronology", but haven't really discussed what it is yet. It isn't a book, and it isn't something you have to pay for. What it is is a companion to the books. A living article/timeline, that will, in time, cover every series entry.

Not only will it have book descriptions, page counts, and release dates, but it will also feature a wealth of exclusively-created scene artwork (derived from my storyboards) and author commentary.  The books will be listed in chronological order, as events happen in-universe, and then each book will have a few key scenes/characters discussed.


I had the idea to put this together because I know that the series is rather large, and I thought maybe it might remove some of the barriers that often come with acquiring new readers. After all, there's no point in writing a story if no-one reads it.


Look for "a HARPER chronology" (v. 1.0), launching August 29th! It'll be smaller in scale on launch, as I'm still building my reader base, but, in time will become quite vast. Here's a little taste. I can't wait to show you the rest!

I'll talk more about this (as well as my second and final story releases of the year) in the coming months. For now, as always, it's back to work for me!

Thank you for reading!
- Dan Burley