a HARPER chronology

    Hello, Internet, if that is your real name!

    Today, I'm pleased to release the inaugural version of "a HARPER chronology", the living article/series timeline. Along with being a listing of each of the released 'HARPER' stories placed chronologically, as they occurred in universe, you'll also (in time) find a wealth of author commentary on scenes and characters, as well as artwork created exclusively for it.

    As with the series itself, I'm starting small. The only books covered right now are those released through April's "Among The Dirt and Bones," and there are only a few scenes discussed. Click the graphic to check it out, then meet me below for more words!

   As for the future, my hope is to have a second 'HARPER' release out by year's end, but if I don't, I don't. Beyond a couple of 'HARPER' books, I also have a number of unrelated stories in the works, and I'd like for the first of them to launch as early as next year (again, if I don't, I don't), so I've pared back my series work a bit. However, I think it's important to give the next couple of series books as much time to germinate as they need, because they're going to determine the course of my foreseeable writing future.

    No pressure.

    - Dan Burley

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