'a HARPER collection: Volume One' - Available Digitally & In Print NOW!

Hello, hello, hello!

      Today is the day! Book one of the "HARPER sides" series, "a HARPER collection: Volume One", is now available both digitally and in print, for your reading pleasure! That's six stories (two never released before now) and two book previews totaling over 230 pages of murder mysteries, young love, and family life, all in one place for one affordable price!

      Here's a giant ad for it (with more words below)!

      I am also looking into the logistics of selling personalized, signed copies of this, "Bully For You", and all future books (Harper-related or otherwise) right through this website. My hope is that doing so will not only give people greater incentive to buy the print editions of each book, but also to kind of take the place of running the convention circuit, which is not a logistic possibility for me at the time. Hopefully soon! I'd really like to bring these books right to people.

      For now, I hope you enjoy the short collection (especially the previously unreleased material)! As for me, I'm still hard at work editing my remaining two releases for this year as well as writing next year's "Among The Dirt And Bones", the direct sequel to "Bully For You". If you like what you're reading, please do spread the word!

      As always, thank you for reading!
      -Dan Burley