'a HARPER novel: God Bless The Girl' - Cover Art Reveal

Hello, Internet Dwellers!

      Today, I'm pleased to reveal the cover art for my last release of the year, a novel titled "God Bless The Girl", which picks up where the Reggie Harper-narrated shorts "When I Met You" and "The Heart's Filthy Lesson" left off, and chronicles the lion's share of the first ten years of his and Maryanne's life together. I've had the stories that make up this book in my notes (or even at various stages of completion) from the beginning, but felt I needed to earn them by first releasing the shorts and "Bully For You".

      "God Bless The Girl" will be available digitally, starting bright and early on Christmas morning, while the print edition will go on sale a week earlier on December 18th, 2017.

      As with October's "Teenage Female", "God Bless The Girl" will give extra weight to next year's "Among The Dirt and Bones". However, also as with "Teenage Female" you don't need to read this to get something out of "Among The Dirt and Bones". It will, however, definitely make for a better, fuller experience. Beyond that, it will paint certain events in "Bully For You" in a different, more complete light. Every single one of these stories is inextricably linked, after all. They're all part of a bigger picture that I'm only really just beginning to paint for you.

      And speaking of pictures, here is the cover:


      The 'girl' here is, of course, Maryanne Harper. The drawing was mostly based on free, stock models, from whom I took the features and pieces that best fit the Maryanne I saw in my head, then chitted together into a creepy Frankenstein monster reference, drew, and colored into something (hopefully) far less creepy. I do have to say I absolutely lifted her hair style from Heart's Ann Wilson's '70s look. What can I say? She had gorgeous hair, and I couldn't find any stock models that had it just right.

      As with the short collection and "Teenage Female", this will have a limited edition 'Noir' cover on any print editions bought within the first month of release. Once January is over, this will never be made available again (short of an extremely limited, signed run later on), so if you want it, get it during that first month!


      And there you have it! Another cover down. This book is particularly special to me for copious reasons, as it provides a longer, more in depth look not only at Maryanne and her family, but also at Reggie as a young man. I can't wait for you all to be able to read it. While there is some police/detective stuff in it, what little is there always serves more as dressing for the character-driven, family drama. In all honesty, this book is probably the closest I'll ever come to writing a romance novel.

      Like I said above, the stories forming its narrative have been waiting to be written from the start. They were initially planned to be trickled out between books, a little at a time, however, I thought it better to just put them into one book all its own. Especially since there's a lot of things in them I'd like readers to know before "Among The Dirt And Bones" launches early next year. After the book is out, I'll go a little more into how the chapters would've been released if I hadn't decided to put them all out at once.

      For now, I have to get back to work, as ever! Pre-order "God Bless The Girl" right now, and don't forget to pre-order "Teenage Female", which launches October 13th! Until next time, thank you for reading, and be sure to spread the word!

      Have a great day.

      Except for you. I'm still not sure about you.

      -Dan Burley