"Among The Dirt and Bones" Complete!


Well, the main draft of “Among The Dirt and Bones” is officially in the bag, and just a little over a year after I completed my main draft of “Bully For You”!

Page count? 512. Word count? 122,316.

Naturally, it’s not coming out until first quarter next year, as it’s in need of editorial work, rewrites, punching up, and the like, but the book now exists in a completed, full chapter format. That’s something I’m thrilled to be able to say, as the story told within is one that means quite a lot to me. All of this year’s books, while important in their own ways, exist in no small way to bolster “Among The Dirt and Bones” and the books that will follow it (the Harper-branded ones, anyway).

I’m not willing to say too much about it just yet, but this one’s a lot more pulled back and internal than “Bully For You”, dealing more with emotional set pieces than action set pieces (of course, set to a murder mystery). This was important to do because, since “Bully...” was so crazy, things had to be pared back in the sequel. As I’ve said many times in the past, in serial fiction, especially when rooted in reality, you can’t have things just be balls to the wall crazy all the time. It gets stale and becomes an unnecessarily complex juggling act. You have to have an ebb and flow between insanity and normalcy.

That way, when you do ramp things up again, it still feels exciting.

Now that the main draft is complete, I’m putting “Among The Dirt and Bones” on the back burner and doubling down on finishing its cover art (which is coming along quite nicely) and editing it’s prequel book, “Teenage Female”, as well as the last release I’ll have this year, “God Bless The Girl” (which I’ll talk about in more depth in the months to come).

Also, as a forward-thinking person, I’m looking ahead at what book to tackle next. I know it will be in the same universe, I just don’t know what story it will be. That said, I do have a handful of other, stand-alone books that have nothing to do with the Harper books, but I’m not going to start earnestly working on them until either late next year or early 2019. For now, the main focus is this series.

I still have big plans for it yet, and I hope you and all your friends join me for the ride!

As always, thank you for reading!
-Dan Burley

P.S. There will be a preview of "Among The Dirt and Bones" in “Teenage Female”, so definitely give it a pre-order now and check it out on October 13th!