"Among The Dirt and Bones" - Cover Art Reveal

Hello, everyone!

   Today, I'm extremely excited to reveal the cover art to next year's "Bully For You" sequel, "Among The Dirt and Bones"! I've had this completed for some time, but have just been sitting on it as I've worked on editing and revisions. However, since the book is now in the hands of some of my beta readers, I believe it's finally time to show it off!

   So, here she blows (read about its creation HERE:


   "Among The Dirt and Bones" picks up right where both "Bully For You" and "Teenage Female" left off, with Reggie Harper investigating the scene of a grizzly murder. I'm looking at a late, first quarter 2018 release, but I don't have a date set in stone just yet. I've still got a bit of tightening left to do, and I don't want to rush it. However, it definitely won't be long before I have some beans to spill.

   For now, please enjoy this artwork, and check out my new release, "God Bless The Girl", which was available starting Monday (paperback) and widely on Christmas morning (digital)! "God Bless..." isn't quite as important to "Among The Dirt and Bones" as "Teenage Female" is, but there are things that will resonate on a deeper level if you read both. After all, as I've said; Any of my books titled "a HARPER..." anything are inextricably connected.

   Anyway, it's back to work for me! So, no matter what you do or do not celebrate, Happy Holidays to you, and, as always, thank you for reading!
   -Dan Burley