Special Anniversary Release

Hello, human beings!

    One year ago today, I released “When I Met You” - the introductory, chapter-length short story for the “HARPER” book series. In the three weeks that followed, I released the novelette “The Heart’s Filthy Lesson”. These stories were always meant to serve as something of a foundation for the “HARPER” universe, giving readers a little background information on Reggie and Maryanne Harper in the lead up to this past February’s release of “Bully For You”.

    I took them down a month or so after its release.

    Then, in May of this year, I included them (as well as a bunch of other stories) in “a HARPER collection: Volume One” in a more polished edition, including things I intentionally cut out in their first release to avoid tipping my hand on some things.

    Now, in celebration of the one year anniversary of their release, I have put them together in an e-book that will forever be available free of charge, right here on my website! This release is also in celebration of this month’s new novel “God Bless The Girl” which picks up almost directly where “The Heart’s Filthy Lesson” leaves off and chronicles the ups and downs of the first decade of the shared life of Reggie and Maryanne Harper.


    So, there you have it! Head on over to the "When I Met You" page, and grab it up! It's available now here and just about everywhere ebooks are sold. If you read this and you dig it, please spread the word, and don't forget to check out "God Bless The Girl" when it launches Christmas day!
    Enjoy, and thank you for reading!
      - Dan Burley