Month Long Anti-Bullying Campaign

      Hi again, Internet!

      TLDR; This month, I'll be donating half of my proceeds from every single sale I make to PACER's anti-bullying efforts (in observance of National Bullying Prevention Month). Now for the longform!

      Do you like bullies? No? Good. I don't either.

      I don't like people who prey on those they deem to be weak. I don't like people who tear others down just because they can. I don't like people who get ahead by stepping on others. I don't like people who derive joy from kicking someone when they're down. I don't like people who greet someone with violence or harsh words just because they're different. I simply don't like bullies.

      Among other things, bullying and its effects are central themes in "Bully For You" and all other ‘HARPER’ books. It’s something that's been a real hot button issue with me as long as I can remember. Though I nearly never let bullies get to me when I was growing up, I've regretted my whole life not always doing enough to stop them when I saw them victimizing others.

      So I'm going to do something now, however small it may be.

      Throughout the entire month of October, in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, I'm going to half of my proceeds from every single copy of "Bully For You" (as well as any other books or Threadless products) sold to PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center (please, check them out even if you don't participate in this particular campaign). If you participate and would like to be acknowledged, let me know through the site, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the comments section of this very post, and you will be added to a list at the end of the month!

      Yes, this does serve as a way for me to get the word out and to make sales, but it also means putting money toward a good cause. Moreover, I'll be donating the money no matter if I sell 2 or 2,000. My hope, of course, is that I'll be able to donate at least $100 at the end of October. Not an extremely lofty goal, but an achievable one, I believe. But only with your help.

      This world can be and often is an extremely brutal and awful place by nature. Shouldn't we at least attempt to do what we can to mitigate that awfulness while we're here? To light as much of that darkness as possible? I certainly think so, and this campaign is part of my on-going efforts to do just that.

      -Dan Burley

      P.S. Full disclosure, I am not affiliated with PACER in any way, I just believe in the work they do. I'm an adult, and this is an adult book, but it's adults that need to teach children the dangers of bullying. It's adults that need to be looking out for the signs that someone is bullying others or being bullied, and put a stop to it. Because, if we don’t, those bullying ways will carry on into adulthood and create a special kind of monster this world could do without. I believe that if the stories in these books resonate with you (regardless of any salty language contained within), you very likely feel the same way I do.