Author's Notes - 01-19-17

   Hello, internet!

   I know things have been relatively quiet for me this month, but that's only because I'm working overtime to give "Bully For You" its final polish before I unleash it upon the world. A world where I will leave it to its own devices while I work on its sequel and finish work on a few shorts. I'm excited to finally be getting it out instead of just threatening its release!

   "And when is that release, Dan?" you may ask.

   Well, I have a set date in mind, but I'm going to keep holding it for just a bit longer. For now, I will say is this; Keep your eyes peeled in FEBRUARY. Meaning it'll be out before you even know it (if time works the way I believe it to)! I still have a few last minute things to iron out, and I don't want to promise a date in case I have to move it a day or two.

   However, tomorrow sees the release of a special preview of the opening to "Bully For You" (at midnight EST, like always)! There's a lot that happens in just the opening chapter, and this preview is merely a taste of it. Something to whet the appetite before the main course. I hope like hell you enjoy it, and that you come back for the book next month.

   See you soon!

   -Dan Burley