Author's Notes - 01-27-17

   Hello, once again, 1s and 0s!

   I'm gonna cut right to the chase here; If you watched the video* I posted earlier, you already know that "Bully For You" will be available to buy and read to your hearts content on February 13th, 2017! No more wishy-washy, 'coming soon' bullshit, just good old-fashioned facts!

   My initial plan was to have it out already, but there was a certain hoop I had to jump through that was a little harder to find than I'd anticipated. However, it's a hoop I likely won't have to jump through on any future books, so they'll have solid release dates fairly early on in the marketing phase.

   Now, the lead-in shorts for "Bully For You" ("When I Met You", "The Heart's Filthy Lesson", and "Sense of Doubt") will still be available to read right here for about one month after the book comes out. That means they go down on March 10th, 2017, at which time they will begin to be replaced by a new crop of short stories.

   So read those while you can! You don't need them to enjoy "Bully For You", but they were designed to enrich certain aspects of the book, and are absolutely canon to it.

   Beyond "Bully For You", I've got a lot more stories in the pipeline this year and beyond so, as always, keep your eyes peeled!

   See you soon!

   -Dan Burley

P.S. Expect pre-orders to open next Friday, February 3rd!