Author's Notes - 02-09-17

   Internet! I'm freaking out!

   Monday morning, "Bully For You" officially becomes an 'order' as opposed to a 'pre-order'! For me, that means over a year and a half of hard work is finally officially coming to fruition. It's an amazing feeling to be able to say the book is out in the world (people can have the print edition in their hands as early as tomorrow if they chose the right shipping).

   That makes it all finally feel quite real to me. Like it isn't just some ethereal thing only I have or know about. Now it's a thing people can own, wear down, throw away, burn, hit somebody with, or even use to weigh down the papers on their desk. Now it's tangible. Now it's a book. That's a pretty damn good feeling, I'm not gonna lie.

   So, if you've pre-ordered "Bully For You", thank you for taking a chance sight unseen! If you enjoy it (and it is my sincerest hope that you do), don't be afraid to let me know, and definitely spread the word! Also don't be afraid to let me know if you hated it. Not everything is for everyone, after all.

   That's it outta me for now. I've got some plotting to take care of. Always.

   -Dan Burley
   P.S. !!!!!MONDAY!!!!!