Author's Notes - 02-13-17

      Hello once more, Internet! Today is the day!

       "Bully For You" is finally available to buy (LINKS BELOW), and I couldn't be more proud to finally have it out! I started quietly plotting out this universe and its characters in April of 2015. Before long, I had a pretty firm grasp on Reggie Harper and certain aspects of his life, but I wasn't quite ready to write the book yet. As a matter of fact, at the time, I was still not fully committed to doing it as a book at all.

      I had some fairly heavy notions of attempting it as a TV pitch (which still informed the pacing of the book).

      Anyway, I went out to lunch with my brother one afternoon and basically pitched him the idea by telling him the story that became the prologue to this book. He was immediately enthusiastic about it, then I tossed a couple of other rough ideas his way about where the story would go, and they only served to get him more excited.

      Later that same day, I wrote up a five page test scene to show him the type of narrative he could expect (I decided to go with books during that lunch, because it would be a faster method of story delivery), and he was again totally into it.

      That was all I needed to push me beyond abstract thoughts and notions into full-on plotting, which I did from April to November 2015. It was mid-November when I started earnestly writing the first draft of the book, which was finished on August 8th, 2016. From there, I left the book to stew for a bit while I worked up the pre-release shorts I'd been planning (AVAILABLE UNTIL MARCH 10th).

      From there to now, I focused like a laser revising and re-revising the book until I felt like it was ready to put into the world. Now, you can read that book to your heart's content! As for me, I am already nearly five chapters into writing the sequel "Among the Dirt and Bones" and tightening the second batch of shorts (which will begin rolling out March 10th). I've got a lot of stories on the horizon for this year, and that means it's time to get back to work.


      Happy reading! I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you come back for the rest!

      -Dan Burley