Author's Notes - 03-03-17

   Hello again, Internet!

   First off, if you haven't read "Bully For You", this post absolutely contains character spoilers. Consider this fair warning!

   Everybody else, starting today and continuing over the next few weeks, I will be releasing another set of shorts. All five of which are mock blog posts narrated by Reggie and Maryanne Harper's daughter Elizabeth Harper-Baxter. It's entirely possible to get something out of them without having read "Bully For You", but they are definitely intended to be read after it.

   Today's short, "Dum Dum Girl", is the most overtly 'blogy' of them all and is meant to give a quick glimpse into Elizabeth's unique thought process. She has a lot of Reggie's bite in her, but also has a lot of Maryanne's sunny disposition. On top of all of that (perhaps even as a result), she also has her own particular brand of oddball vulgarity, but that doesn't shine through as much in this inaugural short as it will in the coming weeks.

   "Dum Dum Girl" is named after a song by the great eighties band Talk Talk (as are "It's My Life" 1-4), who are one of the bands I listened to a lot when nailing down Elizabeth's character. Sometimes, I find it helps me write a character more readily if I pick a bunch of real-world things they would like and let them help guide my inspiration. Could be books, music, movies, TV... anything.

   It's a device that's always served me incredibly well!

   So, I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into Elizabeth's character and that you come back next Friday for the meatier short "It's My Life" part one, where Elizabeth will reveal a story from the years she was separated from her father.

   Bear in in mind, this batch of shorts won't be sticking around nearly as long as the pre-release shorts have, but I still have a good number of stories set for release this year, so, as always, keep your eyes peeled, feel free to comment below, and most importantly, happy reading!

   -Dan Burley

   P.S. This week is the last week the free to read shorts "When I Met You", "The Heart's Filthy Lesson" (1-3), and "Sense of Doubt" (1-3) will be available! Read them before they're gone on March 10th!