Authors Notes - 03-08-17

   Good afternoon! Or morning. Or evening... whenever the hell you're reading this!

   This week sees the release of the first of a four part series called "It's My Life". As with last week's short "Dum Dum Girl", these stories are narrated by Reggie Harper's daughter Elizabeth, and will chronicle different things in her life in the form of mock blog posts. These four parts are less overtly 'blogy' than "Dum Dum Girl", but still fit the theme.

   When I initially conceived this universe, my plan was, when all is said and done, to give Reggie and Elizabeth equal page time as narrators. I was really interested in exploring the different ways the two of them might handle similar situations. Reggie is more of a dark, hard-hearted, tank of a character, where as Elizabeth is the opposite. They're both cunning in the same way, however, which opens up a lot of interesting avenues for story beats.

   Over the course of "It's My Life", you'll learn about what makes Elizabeth tick while also getting backstory that there just wasn't room for in "Bully For You". Which is just as well, because these aren't Reggie's stories to tell anyway. As always, "It's My Life" goes live Friday at midnight EST!

   -Dan Burley

   P.S. These four parts will be the last of the free shorts! Since December, I have given away a lot of content (some might say too much), and seeing as the shorts planned for the future are much longer than those I've shared, I can't in good conscious give them away.