Author's Notes - 03-17-17

   Hello, hello, hello!

   Today's short, "It's My Life" part two, revolves around Elizabeth Harper-Baxter's passion for the written word. It's one of the shorter shorts I've written, but it also happens to be one of my personal favorites, as it gives not only a little more of Elizabeth's own background, but also a small look into her mother's (who herself will be explored in more depth later in the year).

   Writing the character of Elizabeth takes a different approach than writing Reggie, because she's so much lighter than he is (and more jumbled), which often makes it a lot more fun. It's also more of a challenge because the world she lives in is the same shitty, dark world. So, even if I have a similar (or in a few cases, identical) event happen, I have to think about sometimes vastly different solutions.

   "It's My Life" part two is live now, free to read for a limited time in the shorts section!

   -Dan Burley