Author's Notes - 03-29-17

   Hi-ho, Internet!

   In this week's short, "It's My Life" part four, Elizabeth Harper touches a little more on her post-college life, her career, and building her own family. It's the last story in this batch, and it's also very likely the last free story for a while. All of the ones I have in the pipeline now are too long to just give away. They're all long enough to be considered book length, and will be released as such. This is also the last week part one of "It's My Life" will be available, so read it while you can!

   I'd also like to again mention that I'll be taking part in Support Indie Author's Spring Forward Book Attack event Friday, March 31 through Sunday, April 2. A bunch of independent authors of all genres have signed up, and we'll be bringing you over 100 free and $.99 books over all three days. You can find out more at, and if you like free and cheap books, I urge you to do so!

   Now, it's back to work for me. I have a number of things planned for the not so distant future, and they aren't going to complete themselves. Moreover, I don't trust anyone else to do them for me. My brother is incredibly keen on putting aliens in the Harper series if I die, so I have to make sure to live long enough to complete it.

   Happy reading!

   -Dan Burley