Author's Notes - 04-16-17


    Hello, friendly (and non-friendly) internet humans!

    I have a quick little announcement to make!
    While going over what will likely be my final print manuscript yesterday, I decided to add one further piece to the collection; A preview of the up-coming novella "Teenage Female". I decided to do this solely because that book comes out sooner than the book that already had a preview included ("God Bless The Girl"). So, on top of all the shorts old and new, there will now be two book previews as opposed to one!

    As far as the print edition is concerned, I've decided to go with CreateSpace this time as opposed to KDP's print on demand service. The biggest reasons for this are that I will make a higher royalty off of them (I make next to nothing off the print version of "Bully For You") and I will be able to set up a pre-order! Looking into it, it seems that you can't set up a pre-order there more than three weeks before release, so pre-order information on the print version will be coming soon, just not as soon as I'd like!

    I'll have more information on "Teenage Female" and "God Bless The Girl" in the coming months, so definitely stay tuned and definitely keep your eyes peeled. This is just the beginning!

    -Dan Burley