Author's Notes - 01-06-17

   Hello once again!

   This week's quick, three part short "Sense of Doubt" is the final Harper short coming before "Bully For You" goes on sale. I want to thank everyone who has been keeping up with them since "When I Met You" hit on December 9th as well as those of you who have continued to spread the word!

   Even though there haven't been boatloads of readers, site traffic tells me that those who have read have been loyal, and that's all any writer could want! I hope your numbers continue to grow with the release of "Bully For You" and beyond. I haven't even gotten to the really good stuff yet.

   Gotta earn it, after all!

   As for 'beyond', what that means in the most immediate sense is another batch of free to read short stories. These will start coming out in March/April. They're all ready to go, but having them out before the book would tip the book's hand far too much, and I'm not remotely willing to do that!

   I'll have a solid release date for "Bully For You" before you know it, so, as always, keep your eyes peeled! I had planned initially for it to be out on a very specific date, but I hit the one and only hitch I was worried I might, and I'm working on straightening that out now. It won't be too long.

   -Dan Burley