"Bully For You" (video ad 1)

      Here is a quick video in promotion of "Bully For You", which is coming out soon!

      The music this is set to (simply titled "Harper") is a little piece I've had sitting around since 2005, at which time it was just titled "Demo Idea #147". I wanted to create a cool, synth-driven track like the ones you might find on David Bowie's excellent albums "Low" and "Heroes", but I never really went anywhere with what I had. I felt like adding any more to it would kill it, but also felt it was far too short to use for anything substantial, and figured I'd use it as a segue on an album or something.

      However, while I was thinking about composing a short piece for an ad for this book, it immediately came to mind. It fit what I had planned for the visuals and text quotes quite nicely. There will be three different video ads for "Bully For You" (this one, one with the release date, and one upon release), each will feature different text and add a layer to the music. I posted a version of this to the Harper Helpers section that is kind of a mishmash of all three. Sort of a proof of concept, if you will!

      But this is how it's meant to be!

      Anyway, as always, keep your eyes peeled and feel free to comment below! It won't be long now... spread this video like a disease!

      -Dan Burley