'a HARPER collection: Volume One', coming May 25th! Pre-order NOW!

Hello, human beans!

   I'm pleased as punch to announce that my first short story collection, "a HARPER collection: Volume One", will be releasing on May 25th, both digitally and in print, and that you can pre-order the kindle edition NOW (more info on the print edition soon)!

   This collection includes the following:

  1. When I Met You
    a HARPER novelette: The Heart's Filthy Lesson
  2. Young Americans
  3. No Control
  4. Letter To...
    a HARPER mini-mystery: Sense of Doubt
  5. Part One
  6. Part Two
  7. Part Three
    a HARPER novelette: Blogging The Harper Way
  8. Dum Dum Girl
  9. It's My Life (Part 1)
  10. It's My Life (Part 2)
  11. It's My Life (Part 3)
  12. It's My Life (Part 4)
    Collection Exclusives
  13. The Wedding Song
    a HARPER novelette: The Sun Will Shine On You
  14. A Long Time Gone
  15. Here Is The News
  16. The Sun Will Shine On You
  17. Buildings Have Eyes
    a HARPER novel: God Bless The Girl (Preview)
  18. Saviour Machine

   That's right, not only does it include completely revised versions of the stories I've shared here, but also two exclusive stories that will never be available anywhere else; A single-chapter story titled "The Wedding Song" and a four chapter novelette titled "The Sun Will Shine On You", in which Reggie and Elizabeth Harper search for a missing woman named Annabelle Warren.

   Beyond that, there's also a preview of the up-coming novel "God Bless The Girl", which picks up where "The Heart's Filthy Lesson" leaves off and chronicles a number of years in the lives of Reggie and Maryanne Harper. I'll have more information on that book (as well as a novella titled "Teenage Female") in the coming months, but, for now, go grab yourself a copy of "a HARPER collection: Volume One", coming May 25th!

   Happy reading, and, as always, keep your eyes peeled!
   -Dan Burley