'a HARPER novel: God Bless The Girl' - AVAILABLE NOW

Happy Holidays, everyone (specifically Merry Christmas, today)!

   It's been an incredibly productive year for me, and I'm thrilled to cap it off with the release of my new novel, "God Bless The Girl"! This one is my widest initial release yet, with print editions available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as digital versions available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. With any luck, I'll also have it up on iBooks within the first couple weeks of release. Of course, this wider release also applies to all past books, which are available right along side the newbie at all the aforementioned stores.

   Everything in "God Bless The Girl" was initially going to be released piecemeal in-between main books, but as I wrote, I realized the stories were meant to be a novel of their own and couldn't be broken up. They had to be a singular statement. So, here it finally is! I'm really proud of this book, and I hope that, should you read it, you enjoy it! This is about as close as I'll likely ever get to writing a full-on romance novel, so if that's your thing, definitely check it out. Of course, it's romance through the often harsh scope of Reggie Harper.

   Anyway, as for me, I'm going to take it easy today and tomorrow, and enjoy Christmas before I dive headlong back into working on next year's releases, including "Among The Dirt and Bones" and a couple of other things I'll talk about in the coming months. Definitely keep your eyes peeled. For now, take care, and enjoy the remainder of the holiday season!

   As always, thank you for reading!
   -Dan Burley