'Harper Characters' Section Now Live

Hello, everyone! Long time no post!

     I've been plugging away extra hard at tightening "Teenage Female" to be its absolute best self and am happy to say I'm actually ahead of schedule on earnest writing for "Among The Dirt And Bones" (the sequel to "Bully For You")! All the while, I've also been sniping away at a wealth of character artwork. These illustrations have been made specifically for the brand new 'Harper Characters' section of this very site!

      A number of months back, a fellow indie author suggested to me that, since the Harper book series will be rather involved, that it might be a good idea to make character profiles to help draw in new readers, and to help keep the old ones refreshed. Obviously, I agreed, and I nearly immediately started work at doing just that. Over time, I hope to have one for every important character, but there's no need to run before I walk.

      As things stand, there will be one or two new character profiles posted each month through the end of the year, the last of which will go live December 31st! Each profile will include one of the aforementioned illustrations and a small bio. Moreover, each page will be released on a date either with personal significance to the character or to the universe as a whole.

      For now, the only profile on the site is for Reggie Harper, star and narrator of just about every Harper story out at the moment (that will change over time). Design wise, Reggie is mostly modeled after my father (and the other men in my family) as well as bits of other people I thought might make him pop just that much more. Make him feel more alive.

      I always knew what Reggie was supposed to look like, but for a time wanted to have more stylized covers for the books. However, necessity demanded that I had to take the reigns on the book covers, so I've opted for a more sketchy, comic book style, as it's something I can produce with relative ease/speed, and those things are important. Special thanks to my friend Deric for letting me thing clean line work isn't all that important.

      Anyway, click the pic below and read a little bit about Reggie! Some of the information contained hasn't been in the books yet, and some of it definitely counts as spoilers for "Bully For You", but I will try to keep profile info as light on spoilers as I can for those who wander here without having read any of the stories.

      The next profile goes live on August 29th! Here's a little tease for that:

      Until next time, I've got a lot of work to do! As always, thank you for reading!
      -Dan Burley

      P.S. Don't forget to pre-order "Teenage Female", available on October 13th, 2017!