'Harper Characters' Section Update - Robyn Ackerman

Hello, fellow children!

      I come to you today with another fresh character profile! This time, Robyn Ackerman - a troubled teen mentored by Elizabeth Harper in "Teenage Female". She was first mentioned very briefly in "Bully For You", but plays a large part in its upcoming sequel "Among The Dirt and Bones" and makes her debut in "Teenage Female". Robyn's profile isn't incredibly full just yet, as it only contains information not disclosed within the books. As with Elizabeth, Maryanne, and Reggie, Robyn's profile will be updated periodically as more information comes to light on the page.

      So, with all that said, I present to you Robyn Ackerman - the titular teenage female.

      As I've maintained all along, I'll be posting one or two of these a month through the end of the year. The next character profile goes live on November 22nd. Here's a preview of that:


      The print version of "Teenage Female" should be available for purchase today, barring some unforeseen circumstances, and the Kindle edition launches next Friday. In celebration of that fact, I'll be having a special, one day promotion for "Bully For You" and "a HARPER collection: Volume One", so be sure to check in next week!

      And, with that, I must take my leave! I'm neck deep in editing December's "God Bless The Girl" and in revisions on next year's "Among The Dirt and Bones". Beyond that, I'm also narrowing down what my next writing project will be. So... full plate. As ever. The best kind.

      Take care and, as always, thank you for reading!
      -Dan Burley