Author's Notes - 03-01-17


   It's time again to start rolling out some more free to read, weekly stories, which I will be doing throughout the entire month of March! These ones are meant to be read after "Bully For You", but can be enjoyed without it, I believe. They are absolutely spoilery for certain plot points in the book (as is the rest of this post), so if you haven't read it, this is your fair warning!

   Now that that's out of the way, for those of you who have read it, read on!

   These five shorts are a little different than the ones I've shared in the past. Most notably because they feature a different narrator - Elizabeth Harper-Baxter, Reggie Harper's daughter. She was alluded to in the previous shorts and featured prominently in "Bully For You", but for the next few weeks, she's the focal point.

   Much like her mother Maryanne, she's a lot lighter of a character than Reggie, but maybe also a bit more vulgar. I suppose that much is subjective! So, be sure to check, Friday at midnight (EST) for "Dum Dum Girl", your introduction to the mind of Elizabeth Harper!

   -Dan Burley