IMPORTANT - "Bully For You" Edition Information

      Hi there, internet! Let's get right to it!

      There are three versions of "Bully For You" that will be on sale soon*. They are as follows:

  1. Standard Kindle Edition - (US & Canada Only)
  2. International Kindle Edition - (Worldwide)
  3. International Print Edition - (Worldwide)

      "What's the difference between the international (Worldwide) and standard (US & Canada Only) versions?" you may ask. Well, in a nutshell, the standard edition has what I believe to be a vitally important song quoted within (your mileage may vary, of course), which sets the tone for two key scenes. The thing is, I only cleared the rights to do so in a digital format in the US and Canada (licensing is not cheap).

      Now, "Bully For You" was initially created to be digital only to start (with a print run only a vague, future goal), but seeing as Amazon's KDP service now offers a print-on-demand option, the international edition of the book will be available in both digital and paperback formats. However, the international version does not have the aforementioned song quote.

      Depending on the book's success, I will try to revisit and revise my license agreement to include a print version as soon as humanly possible so that the standard version (my preferred version) can be bought in print. Seeing as the international version can be bought in the US & Canada, people in those territories definitely have options.

      If you're only in it for the digital version, I say get the standard edition if you can!

      Now that that's out of the way; Come back later on for pre-order links! As for me, I'm outta here! I've got other books to write (and sleep to attempt)!

Catch you on the flip!(?)

      -Dan Burley

*Unless I screwed something up somewhere! It can happen! I'm only human!