Pre-order "Among The Dirt and Bones" now!


Hello again, everyone, and Happy New Year!

   2017 is on its way to being a fading memory, and 2018 is just beginning. To say that last year was a tumultuous one for the world at large would be a hell of an understatement, and I'm definitely happy we can all put it behind us to some extent. There was too much garbage, and not nearly enough reprieve from that garbage. So, I for one am going to focus on the hope of a better future, and try to ignore the crippling anxiety of everyday life!

   Join me in doing so by pre-ordering "Among The Dirt and Bones", volume two of the "HARPER mysteries" series! This is my widest pre-order campaign to date, meaning that pre-orders can be made pretty much anywhere your heart desires. I'm still ill-equipped to offer my work on iBooks, but I'm working on it. Hopefully sometime over the next few months, or at least before the next next book.

  For now, however, you can pre-order from Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords either by visiting the hub or by clicking any of the links below!


   My release schedule for this year isn't nearly as frantic as last year, so don't expect four books. I'll be working just as hard, of course, but I want to give last year's books (and "Among...") the chance to catch on rather than piling on a bunch more works. It's likely I'll have this book out in the first half of the year, and one other in the second half (plus a couple of other, much smaller things I'll talk about in due time).

   Now, the release date for "Among The Dirt and Bones" isn't set in stone just yet, but I can safely guarantee you it'll very likely be out by the end of March. There are still some things I haven't quite tightened for maximum impact, and I want to give myself time to do that. So, while you wait for that, be sure to read "Bully For You" and "Teenage Female", as both books are linked directly to the plot of "Among...".

   And, just like that, it's back to work for me! Keep your eyes peeled for future updates, and, as always, thank you very, very much for reading.

   HAPPY 2018!
   -Dan Burley