'a HARPER collection: Volume One' - Available In Print NOW


Good afternoon (or whenever you're reading this), Internet!

      Today is the day! "a HARPER collection: Volume One" is available in paperback RIGHT NOW (digital next week)! The special, 'Noir' cover on the paperback edition will only be available during the first month, after which time it will be retired forever and replaced with the standard cover.


      Many of the short stories contained were released in the lead up to (and just after the release of) "Bully For You" (which is now FREE for Kindle Unlimited users), but these versions are the way they're meant to be. You see, I left certain things out of the freebie releases. Not a lot, mind you, just certain things that would tip my hand before I was ready. So, even if you have read them, you haven't really read them. On top of that, they've all been tightened with the use of some wonderful editing software I've recently begun using (and will be using to revise "Bully For You" for a smaller trim size soon).

      As for the brand new, exclusive content, they're the real incentive to buy. Especially the four chapter novelette "The Sun Will Shine On You". As I have said in the past, the rest of the stories I have in the pipeline at the moment are all book length stories and I can't just give them away! Two of those books, the novella "Teenage Female" and the novel "God Bless The Girl", are previewed within this collection. They're both coming later in the year (I actually just finished the main draft of "God Bless The Girl" earlier this week) and will lead into next years first release, "Among The Dirt And Bones", the true blue sequel to "Bully For You". As a matter of fact, "Teenage Female" was initially that book's prologue, but who ever heard of a 140 page prologue?

      Anyway, that's about it out of me for today! Go grab up your limited edition 'Noir' cover now for $9.99, and don't forget to grab the digital edition at its special, pre-order price of $1.99 (regular price $2.99)!

      Happy reading!

      -Dan Burley