Detective Aaron Robinson

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Aaron Christopher Robinson

DOB: December 20th, 1957
DOD: ——————
BIO: In the final days of 1957, Aaron was born to Henry and Mabel Robinson of Brooklyn, New York. Aaron was an innately curious child and showed signs of it nearly immediately, always curious what makes a person tick - good, bad, or indifferent. By the age of four, he could often be found following his father around and mimicking his behaviors, then questioning them, prompting Henry to give deeper thought to his every action.
         Aaron's parents imparted in him a number of philosophical teachings, primarily from the Christian faith and Zen Buddhism. Henry was stationed in Japan during World War II, and fell in love with the people and the culture, adopting their diet and their spiritual teachings, learning their language, and taking up origami as his favorite hobby. The Christian teachings came from Mabel and her family.
         In the early '90s, after then lieutenant Reggie Harper was forced to resign from the NYPD or be dishonorably discharged, Aaron was immediately given his position. This, along with the fact that Maryanne Harper's murder case was allowed to go cold, caused a rift between Aaron and Reggie that was only just beginning to be mended when Reggie left New York for good in 1995.
         In 1997, after many years working his way up the food chain, Aaron became the chief of department for the Greenwich Village precinct of the NYPD, a position he held until his retirement in April, 2013. Later that same year, he re-connected with Sandra O'Brien, a three year widow at that point, and the two of them struck up the relationship they never got to have in their youth.