Elizabeth Harper-Baxter


Elizabeth Burlesque Harper-Baxter

DOB: January 20th, 1984
DOD: ——————
BIO: Elizabeth was born to homicide detective Reggie Harper and TV news anchor/writer Maryanne Harper in the early days of 1984. Like her mother, she showed an early, all-consuming interest in the written word, reading anything and everything she could get her hands on, regardless of the subject matter.
         She is a genuine, good-natured person, but has quite the liberally foul mouth. She had that from a young age as well, due to a combination of her father's own excessive swearing and her mother's encouragement. She also managed to inherit a bit of Reggie's temper, though she's much better at keeping a cool head than he is in most cases.
         Near the end of August, 1990, Elizabeth was sent to stay with her uncle Albert in Seattle, Washington - far away from the looming threat that soon took her mother and sent her father on a five year downward spiral that nearly cost him his life.
         These days, Elizabeth lives comfortably with her husband Sean Baxter and their daughter Natasha. She turned her love of reading into a love of writing, and in turn, into a career. She makes her living writing novels and short stories, but sometimes puts her degree to use as a freelance investigative journalist (when the mood strikes).


Elizabeth Harper Books

a HARPER collection: Volume One
- Blogging The Harper Way
a HARPER novella: Teenage Female
More to come...