Maryanne Harper (Night Terror)

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Maryanne Harper


(Night Terror)

DOB: August 29th, 1990
DOD: ——————
BIO: The ghoulish, bullet hole-riddled specter of Maryanne Harper is merely a figment of Reggie Harper's imagination. From the night Maryanne was murdered on, she has 'haunted' him every single night, either in his dreams or as a hallucination brought on by a combination of his brain damage, sleep paralysis, and night terrors.
         In his dreams, the two will have full conversations - sometimes mirroring ones they had while she was alive, and often called to mind by whatever is happening in his life at that moment in time. But these conversations will pick at Reggie's rational mind, leaving him feeling a sense of empty panic, no matter how much he would rather that not be the case. In these dreams, the couple are often depicted living their life the way they always did. However, the dreams always take a dark, horrific turn that often jolts Reggie from his sleep and leaves him freshly heartbroken all over again.
         The sleep paralysis hallucination is quite different. This version of Maryanne still appears as the same ghastly mess, but she usually stays stationary. Staring him down (always from his right side), humming or outright singing to him the song that was playing when he found her on their bedroom floor all those years ago.