Detective Reggie Harper

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Reggie DeLand Harper

DOB: October 8th, 1956
DOD: ——————
BIO: In the autumn of 1956, Reggie Harper was born to farmhand/milk truck driver Albert and housewife/occasional waitress Molly Harper of Owego, NY - one half of a set of twins (including a sister named Roxanne Burlesque Harper). Reggie and Roxy, thick as thieves, were of a rambunctious sort, both being incredibly prone to fighting, but only threats to those who had it coming. Bullying any and all bullies who happened to be unlucky enough to fall onto their radar.
         When the twins were on the cusp of their 15th birthday, Roxy was kidnapped and murdered, changing the course of Reggie's life forever. Upon confirmation of her death, he dedicated every portion of himself to punishing the criminal kind. To preventing as many families as he could from having to go through what his had. To getting justice for those who were beyond prevention. He made a vow to become the greatest detective the world had ever seen, or to die trying.
         While attending college, preparing to do just that, he met and fell in love with a young journalism student named Maryanne Hillard. The two of them built a life together and later wed, eventually having a daughter (named Elizabeth Burlesque Harper). The couple were together for sixteen years before a case Reggie (then a lieutenant detective in the N.Y.P.D.) was working blew up in a way no-one could've fathomed, resulting in the loss of Maryanne Harper.
         After spending five drunken years separated from his young daughter Elizabeth, Reggie finally delivered as much justice for his family as he could before leaving NYC for Seattle, where he has lived ever since. From the time he moved out to Seattle and into his golden years, Reggie has worked as a private eye - chasing cheating spouses, digging up dirt on bosses, and occasionally solving cases of real importance.


Reggie Harper Books

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- When I Met You
- The Heart's Filthy Lesson
- Sense of Doubt
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- The Sun Will Shine On You

a HARPER novel: God Bless The Girl
a HARPER mystery: Bully For You
a HARPER mystery: Among The Dirt And Bones
More to come...