Roxanne 'Roxy' Harper

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Roxanne Burlesque Harper

DOB: October 8th, 1956
DOD: May 22nd, 1970
BIO: In the autumn of 1956, Roxanne Harper was born to farmhand/milk truck driver Albert and housewife/occasional waitress Molly Harper of Owego, NY - one half of a set of twins (including a brother named Reggie Deland Harper). She and her brother were a mischievous sort, but good-natured. The twins were filled to the brim with an unshakable disdain for bullies, and a great desire to see them meet justice. Justice Roxy and Reggie often gleefully dispensed.
         Mostly due to her father's nudging, Roxy latched on to baseball with a vengeance early on. She gravitated toward pitching, and picked up on the ins and outs of the game with ease. In time, she put them into expert practice, eventually becoming feared among her competitors and lauded by everyone else. The greatest honor of her life was the day she was awarded the school league's MVP award.
         On top of baseball, Roxanne loved music. Her mother Molly was a trained pianist (with no career aspirations), and always made sure to encourage her children to embrace music, which they did. Reggie took up the guitar, and Roxanne and Al Jr. learned piano from their mother (though Al dropped it before he really got anywhere). Roxy always told Reggie that if a professional baseball career didn't happen, she'd 'just go the Paul McCartney route' and write songs for a living.
         Unfortunately, none of Roxy's grand aspirations were given the chance to bear fruit. On May 15th, 1970, she was kidnapped - murdered one week later. It was Roxy's sad fate that made her twin brother Reggie into the person he became - the lifelong detective, doing any and everything he could to prevent other families from going through what his had, and delivering justice for those who did.