A missing child, an aging drunk, and a personal mystery on a grand stage.

Detective Reggie Harper is a man constantly flirting with the end of his rope. From his youth in upstate New York, through his early adult life, and into his golden years, there has been no shortage of hard lessons both learned and taught. No shortage of heartache and pain.

However, through it all, he has had anchors to help keep his rage at bay. Friends and family who provided him with love, hope, joy, and understanding. Loved ones who acted as beacons to guide him through his own inner darkness.

"Bully For You" (volume one of the "HARPER mysteries") follows Reggie - now a cantankerous, slightly-alcoholic private investigator - as he attempts to track down Michael Waller, a missing eleven-year-old boy in Seattle, Washington.

Before long Detective Harper discovers this is anything but your average missing persons case, stumbling upon a far-reaching web of fabrications, corruption, abuse, and murder.

Will Detective Harper find Michael Waller before it's too late, or will something strike him down before he ever gets his feet on the ground?








Fear the years ahead of you, but enjoy your time together... while you can.

"Among the Dirt and Bones" (volume two of the "HARPER mysteries") picks up directly where "Bully For You" left off. While in the midst of investigating a grizzly, horrifying crime scene, detective Reggie Harper gets a call that further derails his night.

The caller? His daughter Elizabeth, bearing news of the murder of a loved one. The victim? A young woman named Robyn Ackerman, a once troubled girl Elizabeth mentored for a number of years after college.

Fighting through their shared grief, the Harpers set out to get to the bottom of Robyn's murder while an ominous shadow is cast upon Seattle in the form of a series of bizarre, brutal killings.

What led Robyn back to Seattle, and is her death at all connected to the serial killings, or just another random, unfair death in a random, unfair world?

Read prequel novella    "Teenage Female"   , available now in paperback and digital formats!

Read prequel novella "Teenage Female", available now in paperback and digital formats!