Dan Burley
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A missing child, an aging drunk, and a personal mystery on a grand stage...


Who could've ever guessed things would turn out this way?

    When college freshman and aspiring detective Reggie Harper met Maryanne Hillard - a brilliant, beautiful journalism student - he knew he'd be with her until the end. They immediately became the most important part of one another's lives, and that importance only grew in intensity as their relationship bloomed.
    This "HARPER mysteries" side story chronicles some of the best and worst years in their lives. Through good times and bad, the road they traveled was anything but smooth. However, through their shared struggles, Reggie and Maryanne's devotion burned bright and unflappable, no matter the odds, no matter the obstacle, no matter how considerable.

I'll go to my grave loving you. Missing you.





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"We'll put ourselves in stupidly dangerous situations, sometimes based on little
more than a gut feeling.

And it's all for the sake of the case.

For the sake of the puzzle.

For the sake of whatever bullshit line
we're feeding ourselves on that
particular day."



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