Investigative reporter Elizabeth Harper is on her own for the first time.

From the onset of her career, blog-centric, low-impact investigations were the order of the day. Thin, spur of the moment inquiries that paid nothing and meant less. Puzzles so obvious she could solve them in her sleep.

Until the Seattle Searcher came calling, charging her with the task of posing as a student on a Washington college campus in order to get to the bottom of a coverup. The seeming erasure of a string of violent sexual assaults. Crimes that began making waves locally, then disappeared all together.

Though her work starts smoothly enough, the deeper Elizabeth digs, the more it seems all paths lead down a hard road: One with a toll that may cost her something far greater than she's willing to invest.

But if you have nobody, who do you turn to when things go sour?

Where can you look but within?

EARLY 2019