The Author


Dan Burley is a New York-bred writer, musician and artist living in the greater Charlotte area of North Carolina who really doesn't like talking about himself in third person. From a young age, he has had a great affection for crime fiction and even briefly considered a career as a detective or criminal profiler.

However, he ultimately decided writing books about a great detective and his family would prove far less dangerous than personally chasing down monsters.

The jury's still out on whether or not he was correct in that decision.

Members Only

This section of the website will include exclusive and timed-exclusive content (such as sketch supplementals, cover art reveals, book previews, and more!). It is accessed with a password that is currently obtained one of three ways:

1. Buying "Bully For You" - This is the easy way. The password is contained within the book.

2. Finding Reggie Harper's business card - If you find one of these and send a message to the e-mail address on it, you will gain access!

3. Passing out Reggie Harper's business card - This one actually requires a bit of footwork! Anyone who has Reggie Harper's e-mail can request to be a card carrier. Someone to keep the mystery flowing.

'HARPER' books

The main goal of the "HARPER mysteries" series is to play around in the sandbox of classic, pulp noir style, but to give the characters more fleshing out than the ones in those old stories usually were afforded. The stories are told in the same vein as more modern, televised noir like "Veronica Mars", "Terriers", and "True Detective", where the mysteries are important, but their impact on the characters and how they live their lives is paramount.

There are many stories to be told (alternating between Reggie and Elizabeth Harper as narrator), but not all of them deal with crime/detective work, and not all of them are novel length. Stories that fall into that category are relegated to "HARPER sides" books - canon stories that likely won't scratch the mystery itch.

Other Books

Though my main focus is the 'HARPER' series, I have a lot of other stories to tell that simply don't fit it. There's nothing in this section right now, but in the not so distant future (as early as late 2019), there will be a wealth of different things to check out. Some sci-fi, some comedy, some stories that are a bit harder to pigeonhole as one thing... the sky's the limit!